Fishes to identify!

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u001 IL3-199 unidentified blennie in shell

u002 IGI-051 unidentified monocle bream, Scolopsis sp
Scolopsis sp.

u003 IBA-166 uidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
Scorpaenopsis sp

u004 IBA-172 unidentified scorpionfish

u005 IHW-242 unidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
Scorpaenopsis sp

u006 IHW-079 unidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
Scorpaenopsis sp

u007 IL4-151 unidentified moray

u008 IL4-172 unidentified dragonet, Synchiropus sp
Synchiropus sp.

u009 IL4-063 unidentified dragonet, Callionymus sp
Callionymus sp.

u010 IB2-144 unidentified snapper, Lutjanus sp
Lutjanus sp.

u011 IB2-286 unidentified fish

u012 FNE-013 undetermined juvenile sole, Aseraggodes sp
Aseraggodes sp

u013 FNE-028 undetermined filefish or leatherjacket, family Monacanthidae
family Monacanthidae

u014 FNE-175 undetermined little fish
little fish

u015 FNE-205 undetermined dragonet, family Callionymidae
family Callionymidae

u016  FM2-214 undetermined sandperch, Parapercis sp
Parapercis sp

u017 IH2-017 undetermined waspfish, family Tetrarogidae
family Tetrarogidae

u018 IH2-019 undetermined moray, family Muraenidae
family Muraenidae

u019 IL5-131 undetermined scorpionfish, family Scorpaenidae
family Scorpaenidae

u020 IL5-155 undetermined scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
Scorpaenopsis sp.

u021 IL5-192 undetermined scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
Scorpaenopsis sp

u022 IL5-210 undetermined little fish, probably a juvenile
juvenile? little fish

u023 IL5-277 undetermined lefteye flounder, family Bothidae
family Bothidae

u024 IRAb-269 undetermined Ghostpipefish, Solenostomus sp
Solenostomus sp

u025 IRAb-358 undetermined juvenile sole, family Soleidae
family Soleidae

u026 IB3-240_ family_Scorpaenidae,_undetermined_scorpionfish
family Scorpaenidae

u027 IB3-251_maybe_Gymnothorax_sp.,_undetermined_moray
maybe Gymnothorax sp

u028 IB3-344_juvenile_Cynoglossus_sp.,_undetermined_tongue_sole
Cynoglossus sp.

u029 FAN-393 family Scorpaenidae, undetermined scorpionfish
family Scorpaenidae

u030 FRO-345_undetermined_moray_family_Muraenidae
family Muraenidae

u031 IMI-016_undetermined_family_Lethrinidae
family Lethrinidae

u032 IMI-026_family_Muraenidae_undetermined_moray
family Muraenidae

u033 IMI-028_Epinephelus_sp_undetermined_grouper
Epinephelus sp.

u034 IMI-029_family_Tetraodontidae_undetermined_toby
family Tetraodontidae