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u001 IBA-147a unidentified echinoderm 3
unidentified echinoderm

u002 IBA-148 unidentified echinoderm 1
unidentified echinoderm

u003 IBA-146 unidentified echinoderm 2
unidentified echinoderm

u004 IAM-297 unidentified Aquilonastra sp
Aquilonastra sp.

u005 IAM-311 unidentified sea star, Astropecten sp
unidentified sea star

u006 IAM-347 unidentified nippled star, Gomophia sp
unidentified nippled star

u007 IL4-190 unidentified juvenile sea star
unidentified juvenile
sea star

u008 IB2-146 unidentified sea star, family Oreasteridae
unidentified sea star

u009 IB2-233 unidentified sea urchin, Echinothrix sp
unidentified sea urchin

u010 FNE-155 undetermined feather star
undetermined feather star

u011 FM2-105 undetermined sea star, Mithrodia sp
undetermined sea star

u012 FM2-179 undetermined nine-armed sea star, Luidia sp
nine-armed sea star

u013 FM2-207 undetermined sea star, family Asteropseidae
undetermined sea star

u014 FM2-326 undetermined sea star, Nardoa sp
Nardoa tuberculata

u015 FM2-346 undetermined sea star
undetermined sea star

u016 EMA-209 undetermined sea star, family Ophidiasteridae
undetermined sea star

u018 FCA-69 unidentified filefish or leatherjacket
unidentified filefish or

u019 FCA-17 unidentified scorpionfish
unidentified scorpionfish

u020 IL2-025 unidentified goatfish
unidentified goatfish

u022 IL3-199 unidentified blennie in shell
unidentified blenny
u023 IGI-051 unidentified monocle bream, Scolopsis sp
monocle bream
u024 IGI-071 unidentified flounder
unidentified flounder

u025 IBA-010 unidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
Scorpaenopsis possi
u026 IBA-166 uidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
uidentified scorpionfish

u027 IBA-172 unidentified scorpionfish
unidentified scorpionfish
u028 IBA-182 unidentified filefish
unidentified filefish
u029 IBA-282 unidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
unidentified scorpionfish
u030 IAM-166 unidentified damsel, Pomacentrus sp
unidentified damsel
u032 IAM-177 unidentified toby, Canthigaster sp
unidentified toby
u033 IAM-300 unidentified fish, probably a Gobiidae
unidentified fish

u034 IHW-185 unidentified blenny, Ecsenius sp
Ecsenius randalli

u035 IHW-242 unidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
unidentified scorpionfish

u036 IHW-079 unidentified scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis sp
unidentified scorpionfish

u037 IHW-253 unidentified fish
unidentified fish

u038 IL4-151 unidentified moray
unidentified moray

u039 IL4-172 unidentified dragonet, Synchiropus sp
unidentified dragonet

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