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u040 IL4-213 unidentified triggerfish, Balistidae
Yellowmargin triggerfish

u041 IL4-063 unidentified dragonet, Callionymus sp
unidentified dragonet

u042 IL4-271 unidentified sandperch, parapercis sp
Parapercis snyderi
u043 IL4-289 unidentified sole
Cynoglossus maccullochi

u044 IB2-101 unidentified triplefin
unidentified triplefin
u045 IB2-144 unidentified snapper, Lutjanus sp
unidentified snapper

u046 IB2-264 unidentified pipefish, Micrognathus sp
unidentified pipefish

u047 IB2-286 unidentified fish
unidentified fish

u048 IB2-330 unidentified triplefin, family Tripterygiidae
unidentified triplefin

u049 IB2-331 unidentified  Gobiidae
Lubricogobius ornatus

u050 FNE-013 undetermined juvenile sole, Aseraggodes sp
undetermined juvenile sole

u051 FNE-028 undetermined filefish or leatherjacket, family Monacanthidae
undetermined filefish or
u053 FNE-172 undetermined Dragonet
undetermined Dragonet

u054 FNE-175 undetermined little fish
undetermined little fish

u055 FNE-205 undetermined dragonet, family Callionymidae
undetermined dragonet

u056 FNE-218 undetermined fish
Halichoeres hartzfeldii
u057 FNE-248 undetermined ghost pipefish, Solenostomus sp
undetermined ghost pipefish
u058 FM2-181 undetermined, juvenile family Nemipteridae
Scolopsis affinis

u059  FM2-214 undetermined sandperch, Parapercis sp
undetermined sandperch

u060 FM2-241 undetermined cardinalfish, Cheilodipterus sp., night coloration
Cheilodipterus artus

u061 FM2-071 undertermined blenny, family Blenniidae
Plagiotremus laudandus

u062 EMA-179 undetermined goatfish, parapeneus sp
Parupeneus heptacanthus

u063 IBA-189 unidentified cuttlefish
unidentified cuttlefish

u064 IBA-218 unidentified octopus, Octopus sp
unidentified octopus

u065 IHW-237 unidentified benthic octopus
unidentified benthic octopus

u066 IL4-152 unidentified benthic octopus
unidentified benthic octopus

u067 IL4-253 unidentified juvenile cuttlefish 2
unidentified juvenile cuttlefish

u068 FNE-024 undetermined pygmy squid, Idiosepius sp. 1
undetermined pygmy squid

u069 FNE-061 undetermined juvenile octopus
undetermined juvenile octopus

u070 FNE-235 undetermined pygmy squid, Idiosepius sp
undetermined pygmy squid

u071 FM2-039 undetermined pygmy squid, Idiosepius sp
undetermined pygmy squid

u072 IBA-228 unidentified Periclimenes sp
unidentified Periclimenes

u073 IAM-046 unidentified female Saron sp
unidentified female Saron

u074 IAM-290 unidentified boxer shrimp, Stenopus sp
unidentified boxer shrimp

u075 IAM-383 unidentified Saron sp
unidentified Saron sp.

u076 IL4-192 unidentified spearing mantis shrimp
unidentified spearing mantis shrimp

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