September 1999


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445-01a, Casa in Havana

Casa in Havana


445-10, Fishing on El Malecon

Fishing on

El Malecon


445-11, Car of Cuba

Car of Cuba 1


445-18, El Malecon

El Malecon

445-20, waterfun on El Malecon

Waterfun on

El Malecon

445-26, revolution en cada barrio

Revolution en

cada barrio

445-31, Che

Che 1

446-12a, just a door



446-15a, old man in Havana

Old man in Havana


446-34a, survival on the coast

Survival on

the coast

446-9a, street in Havana

Street in Havana


447-12, Guantanamo bayGuantanamo bay


447-21, Palms




447-23, Turkey vulture

Turkey vulture


448-03, skies over Cuba

Skies over Cuba

448-14, Slave Watchtower


Watchtower 1

448-18, Slave Watchtower


Watchtower 2

448-31, Trinidad

Trinidad 1

448-32, Trinidad

Trinidad 2

448-33, Trinidad

Trinidad 3



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