Lembeh, Indonesia

March 2014


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IL5-051 Sea cucumber crab, Lissocarcinus orbicularis
Sea cucumber crab

IL5-052 Forskals pleurobranchus, Pleurobranchus forskalii
Forskalís pleurobranchus

Yellow-spotted sole

IL5-054 Rough-snout Ghostpipefish, Solenostomus cyanopterus 1

Conus acutangulus

IL5-056 Imperator commensal shrimp, Periclimenes imperator
Imperator commensal shrimp
IL5-057 Clear sundial, Architectonica perspectiva
Clear sundial
IL5-058 undetermined pygmy squid, Idiosepius sp
undetermined pygmy squid
IL5-059 Imperator commensal shrimp, Periclimenes imperator, on Girdled glossodoris, Glossodoris cincta
Girdled glossodoris

IL5-060 juvenile Humpback or Zebra batfish, Platax batavianus
juvenile Humpback batfish
IL5-061 Paeony bulleye, Priacanthus blochii
Paeony bulleye
IL5-062 Ridged egg cowrie, Diminovula culmen 1
Ridged egg cowrie 1
IL5-063 Painted frogfishes, Antennarius pictus 1
Painted frogfishes 1

IL5-064 Painted frogfishes, Antennarius pictus 2
 Painted frogfishes 2
Testudovolva ericae
IL5-066 Longspine waspfish, Paracentropogon longispinis
Longspine waspfish

IL5-067 Banded fileclam, Limaria sp
Banded fileclam

IL5-068 Bearded ghoul or Spiny devilfish, Inimicus didactylus
Bearded ghoul or Spiny devilfish

IL5-069 Napoleon snake eel, Ophichthus bonaparti
Napoleon snake eel

IL5-070 Painted frogfish, Antennarius pictus
Painted frogfish 1

IL5-071 Highfin snake eel, Ophichthus altipennis
Highfin snake eel

IL5-072 Sea urchin crab, Dorippe frascone, carrying a sand dollar, Peronella sp
Sea urchin crab carrying
a sand dollar

IL5-073 Barred moray, Echidna polyzona
Barred moray

IL5-074 Shameface crab, Calappa calappa 2
Shameface crab

IL5-075 Starry night octopus, Callistoctopus luteus 1
Starry night octopus

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all pictures made by Rokus Groeneveld
Nikon D800 with 60mm macro in Subal ND800 housing
Strobes: Subtronic Mega Color and Subtronic Midi