Lembeh, Indonesia

March 2014


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IL5-101 Episcopal miter, Mitra mitra
Episcopal miter

IL5-102 Blue-spotted Hermit Crab, Dardanus guttatus
Blue-spotted Hermit Crab

IL5-103 Ambon crinoid shrimp, Laomenes amboinensis
Ambon crinoid shrimp

IL5-104 remnant of a Pegasus seamoth, Eurypegasus draconis
remnant of a
Pegasus seamoth

IL5-105 Hispid frogfish, Antennarius hispidus
Hispid frogfish

IL5-106 juvenile Cockatoo waspfish, Ablabys taenianotus
Cockatoo waspfish

Common seahorses

IL5-108 Common seahorse, Hippocampus kuda 1
Common seahorse

IL5-109 Purple-tipped janolus, Janolus savinkini
Purple-tipped janolus

IL5-110 Sea star shrimp, Periclimenes soror, on Pincushion star, Culcita novaeguineae
Sea star shrimp on Pincushion star

IL5-111 juvenile Oriental flying gurnard, Dactyloptena orientalis
Oriental flying gurnard

IL5-112 Wunderpus, Wunderpus photogenicus  1
Wunderpus 2

IL5-113 Three-line pectenodoris, Mexichromis trilineata
Three-line pectenodoris

IL5-114 2 Flowers' flatworm, Pseudobiceros flowersi, on Robust sea squirt, Atriolum robustum
Orsaki flatworm on
Robust sea squirt

IL5-115 juvenile Yellow boxfish, Ostracion cubicus
juvenile Yellow boxfish

IL5-116 mating Moon-face euselenops, Euselenops luniceps
Moon-face euselenops

IL5-117 Kuroda's sea hare, Aplysia kurodai
Kuroda's sea hare

Siamese sole

IL5-119 Spiny flatheads, Onigocia spinosa
Spiny flatheads

IL5-120 Urchin crab, Dorippe frascone, with Radiating hatpin urchin, Astropyga radiata
Urchin crab with
Radiating hatpin urchin

IL5-121 Three-lobed ceratosoma, Ceratosoma trilobatum
Three-lobed ceratosoma

IL5-122 Longarmed octopus, Octopus sp. 1
Longarmed octopus

IL5-123 juvenile Orange & black dragonet, Dactylopus kuiteri
Orange & black dragonet

IL5-124 Flamboyant cuttlefish, Metasepia pfefferi
Flamboyant cuttlefish

IL5-125 Emma's hypselodoris, Hypselodoris emma
Emma's hypselodoris


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all pictures made by Rokus Groeneveld
Nikon D800 with 60mm macro in Subal ND800 housing
Strobes: Subtronic Mega Color and Subtronic Midi