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u213 FMI-118 unidentified swimming crab
swimming crab

u214 IL3-034 box crab, Calappa sp.
Calappa sp.

u215 IGI-086 unidentified swimming crab
swimming crab

u216 IBA-231 unidentified arrowhead crab
arrowhead crab

u217 IBA-270 unidentified crab
unidentified crab

u218 IBA-070 unidentified crab
unidentified crab

u219 IBA-273 unidentified crab
unidentified crab
u220 IBA-079 Porcelain crab, Petrolisthes sp
Aliaporcellana spongicola
u221 IBA-124 unidentified spider crab, Achaeus sp
Achaeus sp.

u222 IAM-169 unidentified decorator crab, Schizophrys sp
Schizophrys sp.

u223 IAM-176 unidentified sponge crab,  Cryptodromia sp
Cryptodromia sp.

u224 IAM-200 unidentified spider crab
unidentified spider crab

u225 IAM-262 unidentified sponge crab
unidentified sponge crab

u226 IAM-340 unidentified coral crab, Quadrella sp. 2
Quadrella sp.
u227 IAM-356 unidentified spider crab, Achaeus sp
unidentified spider crab

u228 IAM-362 unidentified coral crab
unidentified coral crab

u229 IHW-053 unidentified porcelain crab, Lissoporcellana sp
Lissoporcellana nakasonei
u230 IHW-090 unidentified spider crab
unidentified spider crab

u231 IL4-194 mating after molting, unidentified swimming crabs
unidentified swimming crabs
u232 IL4-058 unidentified Porcellanella sp
Porcellanella sp.

u233 IB2-011 unidentified porcelain crab, Petrolisthes sp
Petrolisthes sp.

u234 IB2-290 unidentified porcelain crab
porcelain crab
u235 IB2-087 unidentified Petrolisthes sp
Lissoporcellana furcillata
u236 IB2-092_ Aliaporcellana_sp_Blue_porcelain_crab
Aliaporcellana spongicola

u237 IB2-313 unidentified Hyastenus sp. 1
Hyastena sp.

u238 IB2-322_family_Pilumnidae_probably_subfamily_Pilumninae
probably subfamily Pilumninae
u239 IB2-095 uindentifed sponge crabuindentifed sponge crab

u240 FNE-145 undetermined juvenile box crab, Calappa sp
Calappa sp.

u241 FNE-231 undetermined Oncinopus sp
Oncinopus sp.

u242 FNE-245 undetermined decorator spider crab
decorator spider crab

u243 FNE-251 undetermined spider crab, maybe Achaeus sp
maybe Achaeus sp.

u244 FM2-114 undetermined swimming crab, probably Portunus sp
probably Portunus sp.

u245 FM2-208 undetermined Hyastenus sp
Hyastenus sp.

u246 FM2-349 undetermined decorator crab
undetermined decorator crab

u247 EMA-100 undetermined Hyastenus sp
undetermined Hyastenus

u248 EMA-040 undetermined sponge decorator crab
sponge decorator crab

u249 BONb-149 undetermined decorator crab
decorator crab

u250 IH2b-117 undetermined tiny decorator crab, probably family Epialtidae
probably family Epialtidae

u251 IH2b-194 undetermined porcelain crab, Lissoporcellana sp
Lissoporcellana nakasonei

u252 IH2b-247 undetermined crab, Charybdis sp
Charybdis sp.

u253 IL5-014 undetermined crinoid crab, Harrovia sp
Harrova sp.

u254 IL5-209 undetermined swimming crab
swimming crab

u255 IL5-097 undetermined sponge crab, Dromia sp
Dromia sp.

u256 IRAb-212 undetermined decorator crab
undetermined decorator crab
u257 IRAb-256 undetermined swimming crab, Portunus sp. 1
Xiphonectes sp.

u258 IRAb-258 undetermined swimming crab, Portunus sp. 2
Portunus sp.

u259 FAN-082 family Portunidae, undetermined swimming crab 1
Monomia lucida

u260 FRO-197_undetermined_swimming_crab_2
Monomia cf. petrea

u260 IB3-343_famliy_Inachidae,_undetermined_spider_decorator_crab
famliy Inachidae

u261 FRO-213_Urnalana_sp_undetermined_pebble_crab
Urnalana sp.

u261 IB3-081_family_Xanthidae_undetermined_round_crab_with_eggs
family Xanthidae

u262 FRO-288_undetermined_decorator_crab_with_Xenia_coral
undetermined decorator crab

u262 IB3-409_Family_Pinnotheridae_undetermined_Pea_crab_1
family Pinnotheridae

u263 FRO-308_Urnalana_sp_undetermined_pebble_crab
Urnalana sp.

u263 IB3-413_Family_Pinnotheridae_undetermined_Pea_crab_2
family Pinnotheridae

u264 FRO-342_Urnalana_sp_undetermined_pebble_crab
Urnalana sp.

u264 IB3-115_family_Epialtidae,_undetermined_decorator_crab
family Epialtidae

u265 IB3-460_family_Epialtidae,_undetermined_decorator_crab_2
family Epialtidae

u265 IMI-038_undetermined_crab_maybe_Herbstia_sp
maybe Herbstia sp.

u266 FRO-020_undetermined_swimming_crab_1
Monomia cf. petrea